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About Size Chart
Most of our products are made as one size fits most. We use high quality fabric which can be easily stretched .
Please also refer to the following measurements restrictions: (Our product will not fit you if your measurements exceed the following restrictions).
Comeon Lingerie Size Chart ( CM / IN )
Instructions:Comeon babydolls possesses good elasticity and large wearable range with high spandex content
1. Comeon size M or (S / M) is suitable for wear range of S-M size;
2. Comeon size XL or (L / XL) is suitable for wear range of L-XL size;
3. Comeon size 3XL or (2XL / 3XL) is suitable for wear range of 2XL-3XL size;
4. Comeon size 5XL or (4XL / 5XL) is suitable for wear range of 4XL-5XL size;
5. Comeon size 7XL or (6XL / 7XL) is suitable for wear range of 6XL-7XL size;
Comeon Dress Size Chart (CM/IN)




Comeon Women's Panty Size Chart (CM/IN)  

 Comeon Bikini Size (CM / IN)

 Comeon Corset Size (CM / IN)

Comeon Bra Size Chart  


How to use Comeon size chart ?
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